Change Your Life By Changing Your Vibration

Your self-image is caused your beliefs. Your beliefs send out a certain vibration which will bring into your life an outer form or situation that is in harmony with that vibration you are sending.

If you don’t like what you have been attracting into your life then you must change your deep rooted beliefs on a subconscious level, where what you do is automatic.

One way to change your subconscious beliefs is to pick only one at a time to work with and try to release all negative emotions attached to that belief and replace it with emotions of a higher, light vibration (Love). I suggest only working on one at a time so you can put all your focus on it to bring change more quickly.

If you feel the need to make changes in your life then they are likely Divinely guided.  Out with the old and in with the new might be your new motto.

You may be changing your body, clothes, home, friends or lovers because they no longer resonate with your new vibration or frequency you are transmitting. This can be either a positive change or a negative change, depends on your mental thoughts and beliefs.

If it is a positive change you are experiencing then go with it and embrace the new changes because it will serve you better to reach a higher level of wisdom and learning.

There will be difficulties, but they can be overcome if you are aware of the process.

Positive change happens in a step-by-step approach. This will be much easier for you as to not overwhelm you to the point where you feel it is hopeless and not worth the effort to move forward on your journey.

Believe in yourself and learn to have patience, for patience is a very important tool for you to have if you want to see the positive results you have been working toward.

This is a lone journey so don’t let others disrupt your path if their intentions are not clear, but don’t shut everyone out because there will be people who come into your life who are here to help you along, as you are to do the same for them…an equal exchange.

Nurture these relationships for as long as they still flow in harmony, because even though it is a “lone” journey, you cannot do it alone.


  1. maruan says

    Interesting post ! I always believe that every person we met is for an specific reason. We live in synchronization with energy and we can experience it all the time through different events and people. Everyday I believe more in that because I experienced that and becomes in more as time passes, it’s like being connected. It’s not easy to accept or change your life because we learn to live what we live but when you open your eyes to see clearly that, we can find more than this, you will be surprise that we are more than just a body with thoughts, we will descover a whole world of feelings, connections and vibrations in between them, that allow us to make changes for better.

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